Sunday, March 8, 2009

Menu Plan Monday

It has been a long winter here, but finally we are seeing signs of spring- birds chirping, my strawberries beginning to sprout and two days in a row of 60 temperatures! It was so refreshing to be able to open the windows and get outside for a couple of days even though there is snow in the forecast again this week.

I feel like I have been in a bit of a rut, cooking the same old meals week after week, so I really don't have much to report in the way of exciting new recipes. Hopefully that will be changing soon as well.

Monday: Pasta with Pesto (from freezer)

Tuesday: Date Night (girls are at a sleepover!!)

Wednesday: Pizza Night

Thursday: Drunken Garlic Pot Roast

Friday: Gyro Salad, based on this gyro recipe

Saturday: French Dip Panini

Sunday: Birthday Dinner with the in-laws

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  1. Oh I am going to have to try that drunken garlic pot roast that sounds delicious!

  2. The Pasta with Pesto looks heavenly and so spring inspired!

  3. Yep, the pot roast was just delicious. I also made your pesto last week too, but it took me a while to find enough basil to do it - I couldn't find it fresh in any of our local stores. I'm planning on growing my own this spring. I know the rut feeling, I feel that way too about my cooking.

  4. I am trying out a chicken potpie recipe tonight. We will see how it goes.