Sunday, January 4, 2009

Happy New Year!!

After a very nice holiday break, it is time to get back to our regular routines- work, school, cooking and hopefully some more regular posting around here!

This year, we hosted Christmas dinner for the fifth time, and I feel like I finally got the balance of homemade dishes, store bought items and make ahead dishes just right. In the past I have spent a lot of time both the day before and the day of the holiday prepping and then warming hot appetizers, but this year we went with a cheese plate, nuts, shrimp cocktail and blue fish (much of which was brought by guests). It was so nice to simply set everything out and then enjoy some time chatting with everyone before heading to the kitchen to finish the main course.

For the main course, I made Stuffing and Cauliflower Gratin the day before. On Christmas morning, between present opening and when the guests arrived, I got the turkey in the oven and peeled the potatoes. Then I spent about half an hour in the kitchen to warm the sides (including a third side brought by my aunt), cook and mash the potatoes, make the gravy and carve the turkey. And for once, everything hit the table hot!

For dessert, my mother and mother in law each brought desserts and I bought a chocolate gauche cake from Whole Foods. Easy and delicious. All I had to do was make the coffee.

After Christmas, we enjoyed a pretty quiet week here at home as a family. The girls even joined us in sleeping later and napping more!

Now that the New Year is here, my thoughts have of course turned to eating healthier and spending less, to make up for the over eating and over spending of December. I have used Weight Watchers Online in the past and really liked it, but this year I am going to attempt to track what I eat on my own in hopes of getting all of us eating and snacking healthier.

So with that in mind, on to this weeks menu:

Sunday: Sauerbraten with Mashed Potatoes

Monday: Pasta with Shrimp and Broccoli

Tuesday: Chef Salad

Wednesday: Pizza Night

Thursday: Spaghetti and Meatballs

Friday: Bean Quesadillas with Steamed Veggies

Saturday: Breakfast for Dinner

More Menu Plan Monday

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  1. Sounds like a great Christmas meal - a good even balance of everything - good for you for figuring it all out!

    I also need to lose some weight. I'm embarrassed to admit that I lost my baby weight this summer, and have since gained TEN pounds :-( I thought about doing South Beach, except I have no self control, and I'm still nursing full time. So my small goals are cut out the "crap" I ate for months (junk food, baked stuff) and try to exercise, and see how it goes.

    I tried before, and, for tracking your goals and what you eat and stuff. They are excellent sites, I'm just not that disciplined, lol.

    Good luck! I've had no chocolate *today* so I see that as a step in the right direction :-)

  2. Happy New Year!! Your holiday season sounds like it was relaxing and joyful. I am glad your entertaining was so stress-free.